Colleagues in Care is a purpose-driven volunteer organization dedicated to alleviating suffering and building capacities to improve healthcare services in regions challenged by poverty, resource limitations, and recurring complex systemic issues. 

Our mission is to build networks of professional colleagues in a social entrepreneurial enterprise to co-create Best Possible Practice models of care.

We are building bridges:

  • Between caring colleagues in a multitude of professions, via mutual learning and support
  • Across the digital divide
  • Across the gap from evidence to action
  • From an uncertain present, to an improved future


The corner stone is respectful, open dialogue without intellectual or cultural preconception amongst colleagues to answer two simple questions:

  1. What education, training, and technology tools do we need to develop in order to perform our service to our collective communities better?
  2. How can we develop and successfully implement Best Possible Practice (BPP) models of care that fuse evidence and reality based medicine (or other intervention), tempered by low resource and local circumstance?